Georges Pichard was born in Paris on 7 January 1920. After completing his studies at the Ecole des Arts Appliqués – where he would later take up a teaching post – he gravitated towards illustration and advertising and then, in 1956, started publishing cartoons in La Semaine de Suzette.
In 1964, Pichard met the comics writer Jacques Lob, with whom he was to create Ténébrax (1964), Submerman (1966), Blanche Epiphanie (1967) and Ulysse (1968), among other works.
He also collaborated with Danie Dubos (Lolly Strip, Caroline Choléra, Bornéo Jo), Andrevon (Ceux-là), Faraldo (Les Manufacturées) and Wolinski (Paulette).
As time went by, Pichard was to become something of a key figure in the world of erotic comics, with a combination of adaptations and original creations, including La Comtesse rouge (1985), Marlène et Jupiter (1988), Les Exploits d’un Don Juan (1991), Le Kama-Sutra (1991) and Germinal (1992-2001).
From 1993, he was one of the principal contributors to the magazines Bédé Adult, Bédé X and Love Comix. He died in Paris on 6 June 2003.