Christian Binet was born in Tulles in 1947. He published his first drawing in "Humour Magazine" in 1961 and, after studying architecture, went on to produce illustrations for "La Gazette de l'Ile-de-France" and for "Top". The soldier Schwartxz was the product of his military service and the focus of a series of gag cartoons.
Binet then worked as an illustrator for magazines such as "France Dimanche", "Bretagne Magazine" and "France Agricole". The year 1969 saw his debut as a comic book artist and over time he was to collaborate on a great many different magazines, including "Formule 1", "Record", "(A Suivre)" and "Mormoil".
He began working on his "Kador" series (4 volumes), published in "Fluide Glacial", in 1977, moving on from that to "Les Bidochon" (21 volumes), the series for which he is best known.
His other projects include "Forum" (1980), "L'Institution" (1981), "Déconfiture au petit déjeuner" (1986), "Propos irresponsables" (1988, 1992), M. le Ministre (1989, 1990) and, more recently, "Haut de gamme" (2010, 2015). Alongside his work as a comic book writer, Binet also devotes time to painting.