Charles Berberian, drawer and scriptwriter, sometimes musician, is deeply intertwined with his friend Philippe Dupuy with whom they will be the source of a luxurious creation. Together they have been working among others with Band à Part, Fluide Glacial or Yeti.

Charles Berberian was born in Bagdad in 1959, at 19 he left for France to study at Ecole nationale supérieure des arts appliqués et des métiers d'arts of Paris and where he met François Avril. In 1983 he began his collaboration with Philippe Dupuy. Both will position themselves as key members of the Ecole de Pigalle, together with Jacques Loustal or Ted Benoit amongst others. This movement is influenced by the ligne claire of Yves Chaland and the graphic style of Ralph Steadman.

Their successful relationship will among others see the rise of the cartoon characters Red, Basile and Gégé, Henriette a complexed adolescent whom confides herself to her diary, or also Petit Peintre. They also worked for advertisement and children's press. They were awarded in 2003 with an Ink-Pot Award at Comic-Con and in 2008 with the Grand Prize at the Angoulême Festival.