Alex VARENNE Itinéraire Libertin

19 Jun > 12 Sep 2015


An emblematic figure of the ninth art, Alex Varenne exerted a profound influence on the comic strip in the 1980s and 1990s.
Huberty & Breyne gallery is mounting a major retrospective that looks back over the career of this creator of erotic comic strips. From the earliest adventures of “Ardeur”, published in Charlie Mensuel in 1976, to Amours Fous, via the trilogy Erma Jaguar, Les Larmes du sexe and Kiro, the exhibition features more than thirty albums, short stories and series, adaptations of novels and portfolios, displayed opposite a number of paintings produced by Varenne over the last fifteen years.
This is a sensual and graphic exhibition with a mix of Pop colours and black and white revealing Varenne’s flair for turning fantasy and the female form into high art.


Video - Alex Varenne - Itinéraire Libertin
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Alex Varenne - Itinéraire Libertin