Jean LE GAC, Jean-Michel NICOLLET À la Recherche du Peintre Masqué

7 > 30 Sep 2012


Faithful to its principle of linking a visual artist with a comic book author, the Huberty & Breyne gallery is staging a thriller whose plot flirts with both popular literature and the visual arts.
Indeed, one of the two artists engaged by the gallery is breaking new ground by electing masked anonymity. It is their shared interest in Harry Dickson, the hero of a German detective series, reinvented by Jean Ray which unites the two protagonists of this enigmatic exhibition.
Adopting the guise of Harry Dickson, Jean-Michel Nicollet, illustrator, comic book author, painter and fervent admirer of Jean Ray, accompanies us in the search for the "masked painter", a cover for one of the masters of New Figuration, Jean Le Gac.


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