Denis DEPREZ Prologue à une Fracture

7 > 30 Sep 2012


Denis Deprez is unveiling his “images” at the Huberty & Breyne Gallery – images garnered on his travels between Brussels and Hong Kong, the prelude to a project entitled “Fractures”.
This project marks a tipping point in the artist’s life both personally and in terms of his artistic practice. Deprez gave up his sedentary life in order to go travelling instead, heading for Hong Kong via Canton and Mumbai. From these journeys, he extracted fragments of landscapes, creating striking images which highlight the emptiness of Capitalist society.
For Denis Deprez, this physical departure also signified a break with the universe of the Comic Strip.
From now on, his project would be defined beyond the parameters of the cartoon panel and the speech bubble. His new focus involved situating a network of images within a defined space and allowing the narrative to take shape in this new dimension.