PARIS | Miromesnil

26 May > 11 Jun 2022

Patrice RÉGLAT-VIZZAVONA Djemnah, les ombres corses


From 26 May to 11 June, Huberty & Breyne’s Paris gallery, in Miromesnil, is delighted to be showing all the original plates from Patrice Réglat-Vizzavona’s new book, published by Éditions Delcourt on 25 May.

In Djemnah, les ombres corses, Philippe Donadille’s first comic script, Patrice Réglat-Vizzavona works in watercolour except where he is evoking the past – scenes he renders in Indian ink or charcoal.

The story takes place in Corsica, where the two authors both have their roots, as does the story’s central character, a young antiquarian specialising in old manuscripts and drawings. His search for a mysterious treasure linked to Emperor Napoleon takes an unexpected turn, morphing into a journey of initiation. Patrice Réglat-Vizzavona’s watercolours provide a brilliant vehicle for the narrative while giving readers a real sense of the landscape of Corsica.

Patrice Réglat-Vizzavona is 31 years old and grew up in Bordeaux. His parents were great art enthusiasts and friends of the artist Max Cabanes, with whom Patrice continues to correspond. After gaining a certificate of professional competence in metalwork, he moved to Brussels, where he enrolled at the Saint Luke Institute. In 2015, he graduated in illustration and engraving, and in 2018 the digital publishing house La Musardine brought out Maudites, a series combining erotica and mythology, which he co-created with Roxane Govin.  He followed this, in 2019, with Le Passager (Warum), a psychological thriller executed as a series of wash drawings. Patrice Réglat-Vizzavona is currently working on a science fiction story with Romain Renard and has been living in Arles since March 2021.

Book signing and private view: Thursday 2 June, from 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Works available to view online from Friday 27 May.

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