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Juliette MANCINI Éveils


Éveils is a journey in time, an immersal in the internal conflicts and tensions experienced by a young woman on the threshold of adulthood. Through a series of separate – sometimes strange – episodes, Juliette Mancini tells us the story of her life while inviting us to look at our relationship with our own story, with the world and the way in which we apprehend it as we pass through adolescence.

Juliette Mancini highlights the impact of society on the construction of our individual identities, exploring the issues that frequently confront young women as they move beyond childhood. She explores the evolving relationship with the body during puberty, its sexualisation by the external world, the search for validation in the eyes of others and the confrontation with heterosexual and gender binary norms and the “male gaze”. All these dictates are part of an exclusive system that can make young people in their formative years feel out of sync with “normality”.

Mancini’s graphic novel invites female readers to immerse themselves in their own early development and to relive their own experiences through that of the author. The book can be seen, in one sense, as a tool for deconstructing childhood that offers a new means of analysing, and a better understanding of, the world and ourselves.

Mancini’s creative approach is unconventional, giving as it does priority to the images over the text to produce a gentle visual poetry that is full of nostalgia. The result is gentle on the eyes while offering a complex retrospective look at the way our individual identities are constructed.


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