BRUXELLES | Châtelain

10 Feb > 2 Mar 2024


After eight years writing scripts for his various series, Christophe Bec has done a spectacular about-turn with the publication of his album Inexistences. A hybrid work, part comic book, part art book, Inexistences is essential Christophe Bec and draws on his central concerns as an artist ? our human response in the face of extreme fear and the threat to our survival, the power of nature, fantasy, and above all the importance of hope, in the face of whatever challenges. There are some hundred images here with a range of approaches and formats, from intimate portraits revealing the characters? flaws to vast compositions that are veritable odes to human folly.

Developing the themes of Sanctuaire, Bunker and Carthago, with Inexistences Christophe Bec brings us a ground-breaking work that demonstrates his enormous talent and his ability to engage the reader?s emotions ? something he demonstrates once again as he gets to grips with a Thorgal Saga.

Friday 9 February 2024 from 6.00 pm to 6.00 pm

From Saturday 10 February 2024
to Saturday 2 March 2024

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