Philippe VUILLEMIN C'est Pas de la Merde !

18 Sep > 17 Oct 2015


Coarse without being vulgar, Philippe Vuillemin has been delicately flirting with disgusting subject matter for over thirty years.
An early associate of Editions Hara Kiri and worthy successor to Jean-Marc Reiser, Vuillemin turns propriety on its head as a way of exposing the absurdity of the world we live in.
From the 18th of September to the 17th of October, the corrosive humour of this comic strip bad boy will be searing the walls at Huberty & Breyne gallery, where some hundred or so of his drawings are on show for the first time. Art, work, family, couples, religion, absurdity, human stupidity … nothing is safe from Vuillemin’s ferocious and “dirty” drawing style.
From the dirty jokes in L’Echo to the drawings recently published in Charlie Hebdo, via Hara Kiri, Libération and the entirety of dBd magazine’s editorials, Vuillemin treats us to a humour that is as crude in form as it is subtle in analysis !


Video - Vuillemin - C'est Pas de la Merde !
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Vuillemin - C'est Pas de la Merde !