23 Mar > 14 Apr 2012


It is a long time since Philippe Geluck’s work appeared on the walls of a Belgian art gallery.
But now he is back – in the Sablon neighbourhood of Brussels, for the grand opening of the Huberty & Breyne Gallery, a new gallery - founded by Alain Huberty and Marc Breyne - dedicated exclusively to the dialogue between Comic Strip and Contemporary Art.
Philippe Geluck is an eclectic, with a diverse range of themes, but his particular focus here is Art, both ancient and modern, Art with a capital A.
The paintings he is showing at the Huberty & Breyne Gallery target a number of different styles, icons, leading lights… coolly deconstructing the likes of the Mona Lisa, Pollock’s Action Painting, César’s compressions, and the Venus de Milo, or alternatively focusing on engravings and illustrations dating from the nineteenth century.
By making these works his own, Philippe Geluck plays with the accepted conventions about Art that are so embedded in our Western society.
This good-natured critic strips things back to their literal meaning and is totally uninhibited in his commentary.


Video - Philippe Geluck - L'Expo du Chat
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Philippe Geluck - L'Expo du Chat