BRAFA 2017 François AVRIL, Dominique CORBASSON, Philippe GELUCK, Jean-Claude GÖTTING

Foire – Bruxelles - Tour & Taxis
21 > 29 Jan 2017


The Huberty & Breyne Gallery is a key reference point for all fans of the Ninth Art and now a regular exhibitor at the BRAFA Art Fair. For its latest contribution to the fair, the gallery is showing works by a handful of major contemporary artists:

Philippe Geluck is something of a Renaissance man - painter, comedian, author, humourist and cartoonist - and his Cat is a key figure in the world of comics, voicing better than anyone the absurdities of our human world.

For over thirty years now, François Avril has been oscillating back and forth between Comic Strip and Contemporary Art. An artist of distinctive talent thanks to the combined elegance and power of his compositions, Avril draws his inspiration primarily from cityscapes - Paris, Brussels, Tokyo and New York - and the Breton countryside.

Dominique Corbasson allows her eye to wander freely through the city and metamorphose what she sees there into little splashes of expressive colour.

Parisian-born Jean-Claude Götting became a household name by sharing in the glory enjoyed by Harry Potter, conjuring into being the covers for the French editions of J. K. Rowling's cult novels.