Hors-les-murs – Breitenmoser.Art 1, rue du Diorama 1204 Genève

4 Nov > 5 Dec 2022

Bleus loitains

LOUSTAL en collaboration avec la galerie Breitenmoser.Art - Genève


A talented illustrator and comic book author, Jacques de Loustal is also an accomplished artist whose lacquered paintings on glass and works on canvas invite us to join him on a vivid journey into his personal pictorial universe.

From 3 November through to 5 December 2022, the Breitenmoser.Art gallery, in partnership with the Huberty & Breyne gallery, is delighted to be showing an exceptional collection of recent paintings by Loustal.

Included among them are stylised landscapes composed of a mosaic of blues and primary colours and archetypical interiors that immerse viewers in the intimate atmosphere of Loustal?s artistic universe.

His models with their strongly defined contours, his legendary animals and his masks from foreign lands encourage the dreamer in us desirous of escaping to far-flung places.

Loustal was born in 1956. He obtained a degree in architecture from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris and has been publishing illustrations and a great many comic books since the late-1970s.

An avid traveller, Loustal pours his enthusiasm into his travel paintings, communicating his love of great sweeping horizons. From one end of the Earth to the other, from the deep-blue oceans of the South to North America?s wide-open spaces, from Asia to Latin America, Loustal brilliantly conjures up a whole range of places and climes using solid colours that are vibrant, sometimes cool, but invariably animated with touches of red.

His mastery of colour and sense of composition are what this artist is known for. There is no mistaking Loustal?s graphic style ? his sleek compositions and that fascination for the animal world.

His exotic, dreamlike settings and his bewitching women take us to faraway places and back in time, to landmarks in the history of art. The Fauves, Gauguin, Modigliani and Hockney are all inexhaustible sources of inspiration for Loustal, as are popular African art and jazz.

Private view in the presence of the artist and signing session of his new book: Thursday 3 November at 6.00 pm