PARIS | Matignon

15 Mar > 13 Apr 2024


Saint-Elme is a spa resort unlike any other. Not only has it been invaded by a swarm of frogs, but it is ruled with a rod of iron by a family expert in shady dealings. This is the situation facing a sombre private detective who arrives by boat one day, tasked with investigating the disappearance of a young man. Serge Lehman and Frederik Peeters, who co-authored L'Homme gribouillé (Delcourt) in 2018, have just completed a very dark new story, the fifth and final volume of which appeared at the end of January. In this pop thriller flirting with fantasy - a strong contender for adaptation as a television series or feature film - the duo reference David Lynch, Jean-Patrick Manchette, John Ford and Akira Kurosawa.

Peeters rejects monotony, avoiding boredom at all costs and setting himself a new graphic challenge with each new project. In the five Saint-Elme volumes, the artist's radical colour choices are immediately apparent, with black and white drawings giving way to blue, red and green - the clearest proof of a graphic approach that is constantly evolving. This exhibition is an opportunity to really discover how Frederik Peeters works with ink, a selection of plates from each album demonstrating his talent in this area, together with his skill with composition and mise en scène.

Thursday 14th March 2024
From 6pm to 9pm in the presence of the artist

From Friday 15 March to Saturday 13 April 2024

36 avenue Matignon
Tuesday > Saturday 11am-7pm