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Huberty & Breyne, in collaboration with COMICON Edizioni, is showing an exclusive collection of screen prints by Milo Manara.
Milo Manara has chosen to focus here on the imaginative world - with all its delicacy and ardour - of two of his greatest works: El Gaucho and Un été indien, co-created with Hugo Pratt between 1980 and 1990. A tender kiss on the beach, a warm, purple-tinged sunset, a sudden shower in autumn, a silent farewell beside the sea ...

The 10-colour screen prints on Fabriano Rosaspina 285 g/m² 100% cotton art paper are the work of Squadro Stamperia. There are 50 numbered prints, signed by Milo Manara in March 2020, each in a special presentation cardboard tube finely coated with Fedrigoni Sirio cherry-coloured paper printed in gold foil.