Young belgian artist, born in Antwerp, Joachim discovers as of his youth the street art before initiating art studies at the age of 15 at the Académie royale des beaux-arts d'Anvers.
He began his artistic career in clandestinity by practicing a prohibited street art wherever he found a wall or a surface. However, he will rapidely free himself from the prohibited street art in order to be able to find the time to reach perfection.
Indeed, street art has the disadvantage to have to be carried out as rapidly as possible. Joachim favours a shameless vision of street art evolving from clandestinity to the muffled atmosphere of art galleries. As he likes to say « ... earlier prohibited and underground, street art has now his own place into Modern Art ».
Directly linked to Combas, Haring, Di Rosa, Basquiat or Ben, Joachim is part of the Figuration Libre movement. This artistic trend feeds on spontaneity, unbridled humor, flashy colors, and drawing inspiration from comics and illustration. He denounces with a provocative position the deviancies of our society through insuppressible colors and lines.