Vente caritative online Philippe Francq
Vente aux Enchères - Tessier & Sarrou

25 > 25 Sep 2020


Auction in partnership with Tessier & Sarrou to raise funds for medical personnel, under the auspices of the King Baudouin Foundation.

In this charity online sale*, an original plate made by Philippe FRANCQ for the cover of the forthcoming album Des Villes et des Femmes will be auctioned between Friday 19 June and Sunday 21 June 2020.

The entire proceeds of the sale will go to the “Œuvres du Soir”, which are linking up with the King Baudouin Foundation to help support the country’s hospitals and residential care homes.

The original measures 33.5 cm by 50 cm. This drawing was produced specially for the auction in Indian ink on Schoellers Hammer 6G. The drawing was initially created using a graphic palette and printed in colour in MAD, the weekly cultural supplement to Le Soir newspaper, on Wednesday 15 April 2020.

On 29 April 2020, the drawing was reprinted in a limited edition of three hundred signed copies which sold out in a single day, the profits going to the “Œuvres du Soir”. The colour illustration will be used for the cover of the album of the complete Des Villes et des Femmes, by Philippe Francq and Bob De Groot, due to be published by Dargaud in the course of 2021.