Jacques MARTIN L'Histoire en Héritage

19 Feb > 19 Mar 2016


With more than twenty million albums sold and translated into a dozen languages, Jacques Martin is a model of success and longevity, a past master of the ligne claire, combining comic strip and historical reality with tremendous verve.
The epic adventures of Martin’s cartoon heroes span the centuries, from Antiquity down to the 1950s.
His considerable legacy, which today forms the richest historical resource in comic strip terms, is being showcased by Huberty & Breyne gallery.
From the first large-format plates of “Alix L’intrépide” to the adventures of “Jhen” and subsequently “Lefranc”, the hundred or so original illustrations on show in the gallery offer a 360° view of the golden age of this comic strip genius and of such emulators as Gilles Chaillet, Bob de Moor and Jean Pleyers.