Frank LE GALL Théodore Poussin

30 Apr > 31 May 2015


After sailing the high seas, comic book author and illustrator Frank Le Gall’s youthful hero Théodore Poussin has finally dropped anchor at the Huberty & Breyne gallery, where viewers are being introduced to the universe of this famous bespectacled adventurer, first created more than thirty years ago.
A series of twenty new large-format watercolours, bathed in hazy light, reveal just how good Le Gall is at creating a gentle ambiance employing an exquisite colour palette.
From the banks of the Selangor River to the port of Makassar, via the coast of Trengganu, this maritime adventure plunges us into the heart of South East Asia in the early years of the twentieth century.


Video - Frank Le Gall - Theodore Poussin
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Frank Le Gall - Theodore Poussin