AL BALIS, Johan DE MOOR Het Atoomoog

Bruxelles – Bruxelles
9 May > 2 Jun 2013


At the Huberty & Breyne Gallery, Johan De Moor and Al Balis are celebrating chaos. Johan De Moor, son of Bob De Moor, is painting literally "outside the box" for the first time in his career, offering up a cheerful melange heavily influenced by an iconography drawn from the world of the comic strip.
Al Balis's response is in 3D. His weird and wonderful sculptures turn a critical x-ray eye on the arrogance of Western society, symbolising our petrified civilisation in its state of collective folly.
For more than twenty-five years now, the work of Al Balis has been reflecting continuously on what art really is and what it really means.


Video - De Moor - Maja
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De Moor - Maja