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14 Jun > 20 Jul 2024

Aurélie WILLIAM LEVAUX Mélanco Bye


Aurélie William Levaux has borrowed the title of her exhibition – “Mélanco Bye” - from the title of a song by Anne Sylvestre, “Bye mélanco”, her hommage to the French singer-songwriter a mirror image of the original. While Anne Sylvestre “drew back the curtain on an indigo sky”, Aurélie William Levaux – working in her punk style – cuts it up and exposes the holes. She is an artist who has no filter, whose images, like thoughts, though never devoid of poetry, are raw, alive and powerful, causing a tickle in the throat and a prickle in the eye. Levaux approaches her subject matter in an authentic, unconstrained fashion and in a style that is constantly changing, never static or limited in its ambition.

Aurélie William Levaux may have grown up in a household obsessed with comics, but those stories of superheroes and cowboys and Indians left her cold and she has never been interested in engaging with them. No obvious successor of the comic book tradition, she neverthless uses that tradition as a loose framework for her stories, playing with comic conventions, experimenting and going off piste in each new publication, helping to reinvent the comic genre by offering readers an alternative style of comic that is both raw and ambitious, and open to multiple readings.

Private view
Thursday 13 June 2024, at 6.00 pm
in the presence of the artist

From 14 June to 20 July 2024

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