26 Oct > 1 Dec 2018


Marc Breyne and Alain Huberty invite you to attend their Paris gallery from 26 October to 1 December 2018 for an exhibition devoted to Jean-Claude Götting’s most recent works. In Moments, the artist pays homage to the female form – a familiar focus of his work and one he rarely abandons for long. Götting uses bold black lines to create his graceful silhouettes, combining them with soft colours to define blank areas of the image and give relief and materiality to the settings. In a series of large-format paintings on paper, he focuses on these imaginary models in situations that are by turns intimate, moving and strange, capturing on the page, with a cinematographer’s eye, the sensitivity, melancholy, mystery and sophistication emanating from each of these figures. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to enter Götting’s world, that blend of intimacy and elegance.


Video - Jean-Claude Götting - Moments
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Jean-Claude Götting - Moments