21 Apr > 10 Jun 2017


Joachim, renowned street artist in Belgium and increasinly so on the international scene, has been interested in art since he was a child. He started experimenting with graffiti in the 90s and then discovered Street Art in Antwerp. Nowadays, it would be impossible to walk by one of his creations without recognising his distinctive style.
He started as an art student but quickly distanced himself from his academic education. He experimented with different Street Art approaches to which he combined canvas painting that will become a full-time project over the years.
Working as much on canvases than on larger surfaces, he refines his style in his studio. His personal and spontaneous artistic identity is the result of a continuous evolution. Colourful contrasts, bold lines and stylised figures represent his brand.
His style being always very expressive and comic book-esque, and in a constant state of evolution, Joachim is an artist to follow very carefully.
Huberty & Breyne Gallery, in collaboration with The Crystal Ship – the biggest Street Art festival in Europe – present an outstanding exhibition curated by Elisa Huberty and Rebecca Prosper.
Joachim has complete artistic freedom to invest the gallery’s new space ground floor, from the floors to the ceiling, nothing can escape his explosions of colours.


Video - Joachim - Till Death Do Us'Art
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Joachim - Till Death Do Us'Art