Denis DEPREZ Fractures 2

20 Mar > 26 Apr 2015


For five years now, Denis Deprez has been turning his back on the world of the comic strip, eager to escape the confines of cartoon panel and speech bubble.
What he is doing, artistically speaking, is much more than just drawing. It amounts to a philosophy of life: the philosophy of the human being who asks him- or herself questions, takes up a position vis-à-vis the natural world and interacts with it.
At a time in our history when the economy is god and when man acts as if he were master of all he surveys, the landscapes of Denis Deprez with their hidden meanings challenge and re-humanise, although utterly bereft of any traces of humanity.

Huberty & Breyne gallery is proud to be accompanying Denis Deprez on a quest that takes the viewer in totally new directions. A silent photographic narrative completes the artist’s reflections on the landscape and an experimental film is projected in the gallery. The latter comprises sound and text, as if it were revealing the thoughts of the author as he walks beside the sea, or along the auto-routes, or through the cellars of the Africa Museum in Tervuren, where kilometres of stuffed animal heads behind protective grilles appear to be living still…


Video - Denis Deprez - Fractures 2
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Denis Deprez - Fractures 2