Christophe CHABOUTÉ Moby Dick - Livre Second

24 Oct > 23 Nov 2014


Following the success of the First Book, Christophe Chabouté has just brought out the second, and last, work in his dazzling graphic adaptation of Herman Melville’s great masterpiece: Moby Dick.
From the 24th of October to the 23rd of November, the Huberty & Breyne gallery is due to be plunged in the closed and Homeric world of this giant of American literature when it shows the original plates of the second volume in addition to a number of large-scale illustrations specially created for the occasion. Chabouté’s sequence of drawings transports visitors to the ends of the earth. It takes them on a journey through troubled waters in pursuit of the legendary white whale, making Herman Melville’s story vibrate on the paper with the sheer energy of the passions unleashed.


Video - Christophe Chabouté - Moby Dick - Livre Second
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Christophe Chabouté - Moby Dick - Livre Second