Bruxelles - Espace rencontres

7 > 17 Nov 2018

Christophe CHABOUTÉ Bricoles, gribouillis et fonds de tiroirs ...


For the last twenty years, Alain Huberty and Marc Breyne have been collaborating with Christophe Chabouté and showcasing the artist's remarkable work. Construire un feu, Purgatoire, Moby Dick and Pleine Lune are just some of the album titles in his celebrated comics repertoire, but Chabouté's independent illustrations and work with light and shadow are perhaps less well known, though equally striking.
Whatever their themes, his evocative illustrations are totally immersive. Chabouté's drawing style is immediately recognisable, as is his use of a solid, intense - an absolute - black, while his unique ability to cut the narrative in just the right places leaves space for the reader's imagination to take the story where it will.
Visitors are invited to come and see Christophe Chabouté's original drawings in the Gallery's Espace Rencontres in Brussels, from 7 to 17 November 2018. The exhibition has been planned to coincide with the publication of Chabouté's Artbook Bricoles, gribouillis et fonds de tiroirs..., produced in collaboration with Vents d'Ouest and charting twenty years of the artist's work.


Video - Christophe Chabouté - Bricoles, gribouillis et fonds de tiroirs ...
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Christophe Chabouté - Bricoles, gribouillis et fonds de tiroirs ...