Jean-Claude GÖTTING, Patrick VAN ROY Bruxelles, Brussel

1 Jun > 20 Aug 2012


Jean-Claude Götting and Patrick van Roy take a look at our capital from two different points of view, providing two totally distinctive ways of discovering and rediscovering Brussels.
Patrick van Roy's photographs are composed of strong architectural lines and full of light, and they strike up a curious dialogue with the intimacy of Jean-Claude Götting's drawings.
These two artists take us away from the typical tourist route and offer us two quite unexpected viewpoints. While van Roy focuses on the graphic purity of the city, Götting tenderly sketches, in black and white, those seemingly ordinary little corners of Brussels for which we nevertheless feel a great affection.
There would be no point, on the other hand, trying to identify the locations which van Roy photographs. His images evoke urban scenery common to all cities wherever they may be: the scenery of concrete, stone, glass, mosaic, brick...


Video - Jean-Claude Götting - Van Roy
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Jean-Claude Götting - Van Roy