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20 Sep > 19 Oct 2019


The Huberty & Breyne Gallery is delighted to be showing original drawings by Loustal illustrating the work of celebrated Belgian novelist Georges Simenon in an exhibition designed to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the writer's death.
Loustal has long been inspired by the work of Simenon and has illustrated several of his novels (Les Frères Rico, Un nouveau dans la ville, Le Passager clandestin and Six enquêtes du commissaire Maigret, all with Omnibus), focusing his efforts on distilling the essence of the texts and translating the incredible richness of Simenon's universe in graphic terms.
This exhibition offers a perfect opportunity to observe the different approaches Loustal adopts for each novel he illustrates, from pencil to ink drawing, and to admire the artist's highly individual colouring techniques.
Working from specific illustrations, Loustal has also produced some large-scale charcoal drawings specially for the exhibition.

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Video - Loustal illustre Simenon
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Loustal illustre Simenon