Bruxelles - Espace rencontres

5 > 15 Dec 2018


Stanislas Moussé is from Savoy. In the summer months, he works as a shepherd high up in the mountains overlooking the Swiss border.
It is a job that requires his attention from morning till night, but one that also gives him a chance to dream
Chaos, his first book (published by Super Loto Éditions), is something of a discovery.
Over 64 pages, with a single image per page, the artist develops a singular black-and-white graphic universe where landscapes are laid waste and tiny figures flee hordes of barbarian giants, and where the eye lingers on a multitude of details that are amusing and menacing by turns.
Alain Huberty and Marc Breyne are delighted to be showing original drawings by Stanislas Moussé at their Brussels gallery, in the Espace Rencontres, from 5 to 15 December. Come and see this strange universe for yourselves, this universe in constant flux.


Video - Stanislas Moussé - Chaos
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Stanislas Moussé - Chaos