25 Sep > 17 Oct 2020


Huberty & Breyne's Paris gallery is showing a new series of paintings by François Roca focusing on the female form - paintings of solitary dreamy figures lost in their own thoughts... What are these women really doing as the perch on the edge of a bed or drape themselves over a sofa? What are they dreaming of? What are they waiting for?

We are immediately reminded of Hitchcock's and David Lynch's beautiful but chilly heroines, while the old-world, enigmatic decors are reminiscent of Edward Hopper. François Roca takes a certain aesthetic from the seventh art but keeps the latter at arm's length. His works have a mysterious quality which has perhaps, and most particularly, to do with the way in which he paints skin. The essential thing is light - where light strikes, or fails to strike. Where Hopper focuses on settings, Roca places the human being at the very centre of his work: it is to the human figure that the viewer's eye is invariably drawn.

Opening : Thursday 24 September, from 11.00 am to 8.00 pm, in the presence of the artist
Uploading of the artworks Friday 25 September.