8 Sep > 13 Oct 2018


To mark the opening of their new gallery at 33 Place du Châtelain, Ixelles, Marc Breyne and Alain Huberty are hosting an exhibition, from 8 September to 13 October 2018, showcasing work by the Belgian comics author Midam.

An exceptional exhibition in an exceptional exhibition space - the first time that this artist has agreed to show original plates and illustrations! The exhibition is designed to present fans of Midam's work, collectors and exhibition goers with two complementary poles - on the one hand reflecting the artist's journey from his early days at Spirou magazine to the two emblematic creations Kid Paddle and Game Over that affirmed him as a comics author and, on the other, displaying his recent large-format works in a mise en scène entitled New-Blork City. These latter illustrations, akin to Street Art, allow Midam to break out of the comic strip frame and offer us - with a dose of his characteristic humour - a strange and surreal vision of the consumerist universe of the Big Apple.