5 > 20 Mar 2021


From 5 to 20 March 2021, the Huberty & Breyne Gallery will be roaming the streets of New York with Christophe Chabouté in his "Yellow Cab". In this new album, loosely inspired by Benoit Cohen's autobiographical novel, Chabouté offers a cathartic version of his own. This powerful graphic narrative tells the story of a filmmaker short on inspiration who becomes a taxi driver in order to research the screenplay for his new movie. Chabouté paints a majestic portrait of the Big Apple as seen from behind the wheel of Cohen's taxi. From Manhattan to Brooklyn via the Bronx, we follow the movements of a French migrant roaming the city in search of his "American Dream". In panel after panel, Chabouté tells an extraordinary human story that is beautifully set off by the subtlety and elegance of his black and white line drawings.

The "Yellow Cab" exhibition, hosted by Huberty & Breyne, avenue Matignon, Paris, unveils a selection of original plates from the album published by Glénat together with several unpublished large-format illustrations of New York by Christophe Chabouté.


"Whenever someone gets into my taxi, anything is possible. There will be moments of no interest, just as there will be hours of filmed raw material that I won't use, but also extraordinary situations, I'm quite sure, and I have this feeling that, as happens with an actor, the work will become a part of me over time."

Yellow Cab,
Benoit Cohen

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