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2 > 31 Jul 2021


To celebrate the publication of Gilbert Thomas's new album, Nos corps alchimiques (Dargaud), the Huberty & Breyne Gallery has chosen 54 original works that will take readers and viewers on a sombre and mysterious journey unlike anything they have experienced.
Nos corps alchimiques deals with the reunion of three old friends bound to one another by ties as close as they are destructive. In this graphic novel, Thomas Gilbert offers us a contemporary fantasy that blends alchemy, mythology and metaphysics. He explores sexual relationships and love, and the meaning of life, and shakes up our ideas about gender and individualism. Frame by frame, thanks to his extremely fluid encapsulation, the artist shares a story with us that is charged with emotion and magnificently conveyed through the delicacy of the drawings and the careful attention to detail. Every original page is brimming with energy.
From 2 to 31 July 2021, an exclusive collection of 41 original black and white plates, 7 colour studies and 6 pencil drawings will be on display, alongside the two storyboard notebooks for Nos corps alchimiques, which also form part of the exhibition.

Preview: Thursday 1st of July until 8p.m.

Signing session : Thursday 22nd of July from 5p.m. to 7p.m., free entry without reservation.
With the collaboration of Dargaud and the Multi BD bookstore.

Works available to view online from Saturday 19 June 2021.