Paris - Espace rencontres

29 Jul > 28 Aug 2021


Alfred is something of an acrobat, balancing improvisation with a fierce resolve to represent reality as he sees it. He is a sensitive artist who speaks from the heart and whose work in recent years has undergone a radical shift, the first outward sign of which was Come Prima, a prize-winning album published by Éditions Delcourt in 2014. When Alfred went to live for a time in Italy, and there rediscovered his roots, something poetic happened. In Naples, Rome and Venice, he sketched the life he saw around him, both human and plant, capturing the atmosphere of these places, their spirit, a mixture of longing and memory elegantly conveyed. Experimenting in both colour and black and white - in a style that is totally free and unconstrained - he succeeds in developing a graphic language that is ever richer, freighted with emotion. A careful selection of Alfred's drawings has been put together for this summer exhibition - an invitation to viewers to accompany the artist on a very special journey.

Meet the artist on Monday 25th of August from 2p.m. to 4p.m. at the gallery and on Instagram live.

Works available to view online from Thursday 29th of July 2021.