10 Nov > 4 Dec 2021


The billionaire Largo Winch himself will be appearing at Huberty & Breyne's Brussels gallery for an exceptional exhibition, due to run from 10 November to 4 December 2021. He won't be alone, of course: for over thirty years, the life of Largo Winch has been closely - inextricably - linked with the life of Philippe Francq...

"One thing the two men have in common is that neither can easily be summed up in a few words. The labels that have come to be attached to each over the course of time are necessarily reductive and distort the truth.  To really know a person, we're told, is a question of bypassing appearances..." explain Christelle and Bertrand Pissavy-Yvernault in their superb book L'Art du dessin de Philippe Francq, published by Éditions Dupuis.

Philippe Francq and Largo Winch will be offering visitors the chance to view dozens of pencil sketches - each staggeringly well executed - from a monumental series that has sold 11 million albums to date. A series that spans 31 years, almost to the day, from L'Héritier (published in November 1990) to La Frontière de la nuit (volume 23), due out on 5 November 2021. 

Preview: Tuesday 9 November 2021 from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm, in the presence of the artist.
(Access under presentation of the Covid Safe Ticket)

Exceptional closure from 5 p.m. on November 19, 2021.

Works available to view online from Wednesday 10 November 2021.

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Video - [Bruxelles] Philippe FRANCQ - Largo Winch, 30 ans déjà !
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[Bruxelles] Philippe FRANCQ - Largo Winch, 30 ans déjà !