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17 Apr > 4 May 2019


Alain Huberty and Marc Breyne warmly invite you to view the exhibition of Piotr Rosinski's Stigmata paintings at their Brussels gallery, from 17 April to 4 May. Each of these works is seriously imposing. Each presents a challenge, raises questions and offers the viewer a vast range of possible interpretations and appropriations. Using acrylic paint, a broad palette of reds and whites, knives, rollers and sticks...
Piotr Rosinski starts with an intuitive sketch before attacking his canvases. He works with red first, then covers the canvas in white, before finally setting out to recreate the vital energy of living bodies, of flesh and blood, by scraping at the paint he has applied. The works are intended to be hung in locations imbued with a sense of history and are, as Piotr describes it, " a substitute for a violent release from the confines of the self ".
"Everyone has their fears," he says. "Some people hide these fears; others express them. What I do is to try and confront things."
Stigmata is certainly the most personal series this former student of Brussels' La Cambre school and Warsaw's School of Fine Arts has produced to date. He has been working on it for over ten years and this is the first time that the series will be shown in a public gallery. Piotr adds: "I'm constantly challenging myself. That's what searching for a sense of self is all about. My painting is a kind of meditation. Showing my work at the Huberty & Breyne gallery is a new experience for me and inevitably an enriching one. We are always holding up a mirror to one another."

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