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18 Feb > 5 Mar 2022


Stanislas Moussé is a French artist, born in 1986 in Loire-Atlantique. He currently lives in the Bauges Mountains, where he devotes himself to his two jobs ? as shepherd and cartoonist.

With his comic book albums, Moussé has established an iconoclastic style midway between the Flemish Primitives ? his full-page drawings teeming with details remind us of the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch ? and contemporary art ? each drawing seeming to challenge the reader?s expectations and the very rules that govern the ninth art.

For his fourth exhibition at the Huberty & Breyne Gallery, the artist is showing original plates from his new album Mater (Le Tripode, 2021) together with some free drawings that have not previously been published.

?I like the illustrative aspect of drawing; that?s why I try and work without text,? says Moussé. ?It?s a constraint that I really appreciate because it means I?ve always got to look for another angle, in this case through drawing, in order to convey an emotion or an idea. I use a Rotring pen and enjoy filling my drawings with details where the viewer can lose him- or herself for long periods of time, just looking and looking.?

The delicious temptation to keep looking and looking ? that is what Moussé presents for his viewers. And the only way to overcome such a temptation is, as Oscar Wilde said, to ?yield to it?!

Private view: Thursday 17th february from 5pm to 8pm.

Signing sessions: Saturday 5 March, registration at

Exceptional opening Sunday 20 February from 11am to 8pm