11 May > 15 Jun 2019


Ranging between Europe, South America and Africa, Agora (published by 6 Pieds sous Terre) present a collection of contemporary drawings that creates a portrait - a mixture of the real, the symbolic and the imaginary - of the street, the life unfolding there and the people that inhabit it.
Matthias Lehmann maps the flora and fauna of city life through composite series of images, pseudo "photographs" reconstructed from sketches from life, memories and photographic rejects.
Lehmann shows us the world as it is today, from Brazil to Guinea, from Saint-Denis (just below where he lives) to the Appalachian Mountains.
From 11 May to 8 June, Alain Huberty and Marc Breyne are delighted to be showing images from this artist's rich and inexhaustible universe. His technique, using scratchboard engraving, is quite simply extraordinary. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to view the original drawings from Agora, but also to admire a number of new works specially created for the occasion, as well as a selection of fantasy illustrations where the artist has allowed his imagination free rein.


Video - Matthias Lehmann - Agora
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Matthias Lehmann - Agora