BRUXELLES | Châtelain

20 May > 11 Jun 2022


From 20 May to 11 June 2022, the Huberty & Breyne Gallery in Brussels is delighted to be hosting an exhibition entitled “Fragments” showcasing the work of artist Danijel Zezelj.

Born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1966, Danijel Zezelj is an internationally renowned painter, illustrator and comic book artist.

Zezelj is known for his striking use of black and white, an energetic drawing style and a radical approach to “framing” his images.

According to the French essayist and poet Francis Ponge, “the artist’s function is very clear: he must open a workshop and take in the world for repair, fragment by fragment, as it comes to him”. These are the sort of artistic “reparations” on offer at this Brussels exhibition.

The works on display are taken from several series, notably Urban Animals (a post-apocalyptic tale involving humans and animals), Samurai (the portrait of Samurai warriors in a futuristic empire), Deer Chief (a wordless graphic novel dealing with the themes of escape and deliverance), Van Gogh, Fragments d’une vie en peinture (a graphic novel focusing on the life and struggles of the celebrated Dutch artist), Heroin Diaries (dedicated to the musician Nikki Sixx), Starve (the story, written by Brian Wood, of a talented chef who rebels against the hypocrisy of the food industry) and Days of Hate (a dystopian drama written by Ales Kot which takes a close look at the current political situation in the United States).

Almost 100 original works make this retrospective of “fragments” a rich and essential viewing experience – in Francis Ponge’s words, an experience of reparation.