28 Jun > 31 Aug 2019


Whether he is painting, drawing or illustrating, Miles Hyman infuses all of his compositions with an extraordinary life of their own. His images have a powerful narrative quality and they take you into another world — the world of Miles Hyman.
Alain Huberty are delighted to be showing Miles Hyman's most recent works. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to view his most recent paintings of New York and Los Angeles, two cities dear to the American artist's heart, drawings of Rome and also new compositions in his "Crash" series, where Hyman paints, in characteristically elegant colours, realistic scenes of a crashed vehicle with a female figure similarly at odds with her surroundings. Each of these paintings represents an enigma, an invitation to reflect on its meaning. A handful of plates from Hyman's best-selling albums will also be on show.

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Video - Miles Hyman - Oeuvres récentes
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Miles Hyman - Oeuvres récentes