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21 Oct > 19 Nov 2022

BRÜNO T'zée, une tragédie africaine


From 21 October to 19 November 2022, the Huberty & Breyne’s Brussels gallery is delighted to be hosting an exhibition dedicated to the work of the French artist and comic book creatorBrüno. 


On show will be a selection of original plates and drawings linked to the publication of Brüno’s new album T'zée. Une tragédie africaine (Éditions Dargaud), produced in collaboration with the comics writer Appollo.


The dictator T’Zée has fallen from power. In his deserted palace, in the depths of the jungle, the people who formed his immediate entourage are hesitating about what to do next. Might it still be possible to take back control of the country? Should they flee? The monster’s absence has created a vacuum, and nature abhors a vacuum. Bobbi, T’Zée’s new young wife, is clearlystruggling with this situation and with the difficult feelings she has for her stepson. 


Brüno has spent time in the Congo. Appollo has lived there. Together, they recreate their impressions and draw on their memories to construct an African country of their own imagining, but one that is singularly and strikingly real. This is the backdrop for a tragedy reminiscent of Racine’s Phèdre in which all the elements of a truly memorable album are assembled.


Brüno (Tyler Cross, L'homme qui tua Chris Kyle) displays once again his skill at encapsulating the prime moments in a story, his terrific sense of graphic narration and his ability to create powerfully dynamic images.


Viewers will be struck by his strong use of black and white, fluid style of drawing midway between impressionism and realism and skill in creating compositions that fully serve a fascinating storyline. 


The artist has produced a number of images specially for the exhibition. These series, in both black and white and colour, revolve around the themes of the album and involve portraits of women and of animals that are strikingly beautiful and utterly unique. 

Signing session (FULLY BOOKED) Thursday, October 20, 2022 from 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m., registration with Calogero:


Private view Thursday 20 October 2022 from 6.00 pm to 8.30 pm in the presence of the artist.

Works available to view online from Friday 21 October 2022