30 Mar > 29 Apr 2018

Frank LE GALL Theodore Poussin - Le dernier voyage de l'Amok


Théodore Poussin is back – after a ten-year absence!
This month at last, Le Dernier Voyage de l’Amok – the 13th volume in the adventures of this extraordinary character – is finding its way into the bookshops, and to coincide with publication, Alain Huberty and Marc Breyne are hosting an exhibition of original plates from Frank Le Gall’s new album in their Brussels gallery.
Visitors are also invited to come and admire the original drawings produced for the new covers for this great adventure series – one worthy of Joseph Conrad, Grahame Greene and Michael Curtiz.
On every page, Frank Le Gall succeeds in creating a very particular atmosphere thanks to his ever more precise compositions and backgrounds, while his dialogues have never been so pitch-perfect. Welcome aboard the Amok.