22 Sep > 22 Oct 2017


For this exhibition of new works, François Avril was inspired by the Red color. This color which is constant in his body of work, becomes a voluntary constraint. In his paintings, it appears randomly in urban landscapes and rural scenes. Whether on a wall or on top of a cliff, on the roof of a lighthouse or in the fog, the figurative world of the artist gets tinted with abstraction. During a stay in Brittany for example, even if the artist was invaded by a variety of color, he chose to keep only one filter, only one color, which gives his art a pleasant feeling of strangeness.
The red color also seems to be a landmark that guides the eyes.
"Red is everywhere in our lives, starting with signs and traffic lights for example, everything is a matter of framing and color takes it all," says the artist.
Red, he adds, "You must feed it, paint it several times until it takes its full meaning." A series of drawings are shown with his paintings, where François Avril could release his meticulous gesture to play on white margins and the absence of frames. Let yourself be carried away by the special color field of François Avril!