Alain Huberty and Marc Breyne have been specialising for the last thirty years in original works from the world of comic strips, and for the 2016 edition of the BRAFA art fair they have put together a veritable compendium of the greatest names associated with the ninth art, while paying particular attention to the master of the ligne claire: the great Hergé himself.
Visitors to the exhibition will be treated to an extremely rare cover in Indian ink, created in 1951 to illustrate Les Exploits de Quick et Flupke. This museum piece is accompanied by a number of remarkable pencil sketches executed by Hergé, one of which was made for the album Coke en stock, as well as a life-size bronze statue of Tintin and Milou by the sculptor Nat Neujean.
Once again this year, the gallery mixes classical masterpieces with contemporary works by François Avril, Dominique Corbasson, Denis Deprez, Philippe Geluck, François Schuiten and Jean-Claude Götting, in addition to a selection of plates and drawings by André Juillard - plenty, in other words, to delight both art lovers and comic strip collectors alike, as well as those expert Tintinophiles.


Video - BRAFA ART FAIR - 2016
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