This year once again, Huberty & Breyne gallery is making a dramatic statement by offering a selection that brings together contemporary works and classic masterpieces. For this thirtieth edition of the BRAFA art fair, Alain Huberty and Marc Breyne have selected a number of pieces from the world of Franco-Belgian art that enjoy emblematic, one might even say mythical, status.
Among the treasures to be found on their stand, the viewer's attention is irresistibly drawn to a remarkable Indian ink drawing made by Hergé for the cover of L'Étoile mystérieuse.
From this emblematic cover to the paintings of François Avril via the plates of Jacques Martin, Tardi and Hubinon, the works of Philippe Geluck and Jean-Claude Götting, Dominique Corbasson's gouache sketches, Christophe Chabouté's drawings and Denis Deprez' large acrylics on paper, we see the gallery, as ever, exploring the boundaries and the points of contact that exist between quite different areas of artistic creation.


Video - BRAFA ART FAIR - 2015
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Video - François Avril - BRAFA ART FAIR - 2015
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François Avril - BRAFA ART FAIR - 2015