12 > 14 May 2023

Milo Manra

Lake como - Comic Art Festival




The Lake Como Comic Art Festival is a joint presentation by many of the same people who created Big Wow Comic Fest in California and the Paris Comic Expo. As with the prior events, LCCAF focuses on the best creators from around the world in the comic book industry. After looking at our initial guest list (with more names to come!), we hope you agree. What you will not see are media or cosplay guests or vendors selling trinkets only marginally related to the comic art world. They clearly have a place at some conventions but not at LCCAF.

Another trend which we view as unfortunate in many cases is the continued expansion of many other conventions seeking more and more attendees to the point that the shows are so crowded that no one can have access to panels and creators. We are avoiding this sea of humanity by strictly limiting the number of tickets we sell. We hope to harken back to the days when a fan could actually interact with his or her favorite creator!

With its very limited attendance, beautiful location and access to the very best comic artists, this festival is the new optimal environment for both creator and fan alike!

The convention takes place at Villa Erba, located in beautiful Cernobbio, Italy, on the shores of Lake Como.