Jacques Martin, Alix, La griffe noire, Tome 5, 1959, Page 13, lot 13

Alix, 1959
La griffe noire, Tome 5
Page 13
lot 13
India ink on paper
42 x 31 cm ( 16,54 x 12,2 in )
Editor Lombard
id. 6963

Jacques Martin was first associated with Journal Tintin in 1948 and five years later had become one of the Studios Hergé’s staunch collaborators.This 13th page from La Griffe Noire (The Black Claw) was published in Tintin’s 12th issue on 19 March 1958, opposite another colour page for the Spike and Suzy series. Here, Alix confronts the main protagonists of this episode, which takes place in Pompeii – Nubio, with his dreaded weapon, and his master, who is none other than the High Priest of a Carthaginian sect that worships the god Baal. This magus with hypnotic powers was to instigate the vengeance of Icara, launching Alix on a mad race across the African continent.This story ensured the success of Tintin throughout the year of Expo 58, with young readers discovering in its pages such great classics as “S.O.S. Météores” by Jacobs, “La Cavale d’Or” by Vandersteen, “Zizanion le Terrible” by Macherot and “Tintin au Tibet”, which began appearing in September of that same year.