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Stéphane Levallois graduated from the Penninghen School of Art Direction and Interior Architecture, where he was a pupil of the Polish graphic artist Roman Cie?lewicz. In 2000, Levallois published his first comic strip, Noé; then, in 2002, he made a short film, Carcan, which was screened as part of a selection of shorts entitled Zéro 1. An artist of great versatility, Levallois is continually coming up with ambitious new projects that switch back and forth between film and comic strip, and also produces designs for collectible figures. While he is well known in Hollywood as a storyboarder ? notably for the films of Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg, the Harry Potter series and various Disney and Marvel projects ? Stéphane Levallois has also proved himself to be a talented cartoonist. He is passionate about the arts and demonstrated as much with his 2017 publication Les Disparues d'Orsay (Futuropolis/Musée d'Orsay), a fantasy in which a museum curator literally steps into the world of the paintings he curates in search of all the muses who have gone missing ? and where Levallois?s drawings in the manner of Klimt, Ingres, Picasso and Manet simultaneously demonstrate his genius for illustration. Further evidence of his talent is to be found in the brilliant Léonard 2 Vinci (Futuropolis/Le Louvre), an astonishing futuristic tale in which an endangered human race seeks to bring the celebrated genius of fifteenth-century Italy back from the dead. Preparing for this album, Levallois immersed himself in da Vinci?s drawings over a period of four years and his panels are an example of his extraordinary virtuosity.