Bruxelles - Espace rencontres

28 Jun > 27 Jul 2019


It bebops, it swings, it jives, it fusions!
When Comic Strip authors get hold of music, the vibrations can be felt right down to the paper. Alain Huberty and Marc Breyne are delighted to be hosting a choral exhibition dedicated to jazz in their Espace Rencontres in Brussels, from 28 June to 27 July.
Free-style, protean, and leaving plenty of room for improvisation, this is music that has definitely not fallen on deaf ears. Do not miss this dream opportunity to come and admire - and acquire - exuberant and inspired original works by Christophe Chabouté, Loustal, Louis Joos, Serge Dehaes, Danijel Zezelj, Mikaël Bourgoin and Fabrice Lavollay.


Video - Exposition chorale - JAZZ !
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Exposition chorale - JAZZ !