28 Oct > 4 Dec 2016

ERLICH, Bernard YSLAIRE Sambre. Interieur/Atelier


As Bernard Yslaire commented recently in L’"Echo", “Beauty is the religion of artists”.
The author of numerous comic books, Yslaire is keen to keep exploring and pushing back the limits of the 9th Art and can be seen here – as in Book VII of "Sambre" – collaborating with photographer Laurence Erlich.
Artist and photographer bring their double perspective to bear in this latest creation, which blends photographs of models and workshop sketches, wash drawings and “photo-graphisms” in what is Yslaire and Erlich’s final word on the subject.
We will also be showing the short film "Intérieur/Yslaire" by Lola Hislaire, where we see page 64 of Sambre, Book VII, in the actual process of being created.